Common Questions
Below are some common questions about Arctic Reservations. To see the answer, simply click the question of interest.
About the Software
How are updates handled in Arctic Reservations?+
Updates are handled automatically, seamlessly allowing outfitters to take advantage of new features and updates.
Is my data safe? Do I need to back it up?+
Outfitter data is stored in the cloud and has automatic continual backups running to prevent data loss.
How reliable is the software?+
Arctic Reservations has an uptime of 99.9%
Is Arctic Reservations PCI compliant?+
Arctic Reservations is PCI compliant.
Is Arctic Reservations GDPR compliant?+
Arctic Reservations is GDPR compliant to fulfill obligations to European Guests.
About Us
Who is behind Arctic Reservations?+
Arctic Reservations was carefully created by Nathan Perkins, a graduate from MIT, with the feedback from many outfitters who have helped refine the software and drive development with a focus on the outdoor industry. Arctic Reservations has gathered an outstanding team that seeks to improve the reservation processes for our clients through continuing development, as well as exceptional support.
How long has Arctic Reservations been in business?+
Arctic Reservations was started in 2005.
Can I get a walk-through of the software?+
Certainly! We are happy to provide a guided walk through of Arctic Reservations. Contact us!
Where can I see a demonstration of the booking process?+
We are very happy to provide examples during a guided walk-through. Contact us!
Transitioning into Arctic Reservations
How long does it take to set up a new installation of Arctic Reservations?+
Generally we can have new installations ready in 24-48 hours. Often faster.
How difficult is the setup process?+
Arctic Reservations has an intuitive workflow and guides to help the setup process go smoothly. In addition you have access to support both during and after your setup to help guide you.
Can you import my existing customers into Arctic Reservations?+
Yes, we can import your previous guest information provided it is available in an importable format.
How much does Arctic Reservations Cost?+
Arctic Reservations offers three different editions at different pricing levels. See our Features and Editions page for more detail.
Will the price go up once a sign up?+
Arctic Reservations strives to keep consistent pricing year after year. Occasional price increases are inevitable simply due to inflation. Depending on your data storage there may be a small additional cost, but Arctic has tools to help manage this storage.
Is there a commitment required when I sign up for Arctic Reservations?+
Arctic Reservations does not require a commitment or contact. It is a month to month service.